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The days of “OR” are OVER.

What if I told you that you that you don’t have to choose? That you can eat your cake and be healthy too?

You don’t have to eat a salad with grilled chicken Every. Freaking. Day.

You don’t have to count every calorie.

You can finally stop eating your emotions…without even trying!

You don’t have to try and be the poster child for any fad diet or drink some gross shake every morning. You don’t have to exercise willpower or do some weird detox each time you want to have a slice of cake.

To be your happiest, healthiest self, you have to start by being yourself and listening to your body.

Welcome to Be Yourself Wellness.

I’m Maureen Witten, and I’m so glad you’re here.

All you have to do to finally feel fix your relationship with food, is LEARN how to listen to your body instead of the nasty voice in your head that tells you that you suck every time you eat a cookie.

The secret is in ending Emotional Eating and improving your relationship with food through proven Intuitive Eating techniques. And I’m about to teach you all about it!

{Teach me your ways!}

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