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How to become an Intuitive Eater

Last week I got to sit down with Psychologist, Carly Samudre at the Femperfect Podcast, and chat with her about the key to changing our relationship with food and stop feeling shame and depression every time we eat something that’s not a salad. It’s called Intuitive Eating and in this interview I help listeners learn to feel good about their food choices and understand that eating shouldn’t be looked at as a “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong” choice.

In fact, once we remove the moral labels from food, what we have left is the direct experience of eating. As in, “how does this food make me feel?” and from there, we begin to create a way of eating that makes us feel great and slims us down to healthy weight for our body.

Click here to listen in.

Also, I know you’re busy, so I’ve put together a little cheat map to help you get to the juiciest parts of the interview:

-At minute 4:15, we talk about why women have gotten so out of wack with their eating habits and what the cost of these disordered habits are to our bodies and minds.

-5:54: I squash a particular myth that we’ve been upholding as truth so that we can get our food and exercise habits back on track.

-6:55: I share the key to changing our relationship with food and the key to changing our children’s relationship with food so that they don’t have disordered food and exercise habits in adulthood.

-8:05: My big, tear-filled “AHA” that made me realize that I was addicted to food.

-13:49: The main reason women turn to food and end up binge eating and what you can do about it right now to break the cycle.

-14:23: What Intuitive Eating is and why it’s an imperative skill to normalizing your eating behaviors.

-20:24: A raw/personal share about one of my first experiences with body and food shame as a child.

-23:08: The core reason why we feel compelled to diet and constantly control our body shape.

-24:40: The difference between disordered eating and an Eating Disorder.

-28:32: The missing link to normalizing our relationship with food that nobody else is talking about.

-29:34: The step by step process to start following now to become an Intuitive Eater.

-34:10: The unexpected way to lose weight without dieting.

-37:45: My favorite resources for changing body image and eating issues.

-40:10: My signature method for becoming bullet-proof against shame thoughts and shaming comments from others about eating or your body.

44:50: An amazing secret offer that nobody else can claim, and how to claim it.

Go check it out, then please let me know- how did you apply these concepts to your life? Did you use the Intuitive Eating Techniques taught in your eating? Comment below and let me know!

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