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A ‘Fitting’ Solution for Emotional Eating

A few weeks ago I was chatting with a fellow mommy friend at our kid’s playdate at the library. I casually commented that I loved her jeans. They were really cool, a few small rips in the knee and thigh area and they fit her perfectly- she really looked great!

She immediately winked at me and said, “Oh, these are just my post-pregnancy jeans I thought I’d be out of them by now!”

She went on to tell me that she had worn her maternity jeans for a long time after her son was born, hoping she’d go back to her “normal” jeans soon. When her son turned one, she finally ‘gave in’ and bought jeans that fit her post-second-baby body.

She said, “I finally felt normal again once I was in non-maternity jeans- even if they were a size larger!”

I thought they looked amazing-and that’s why I felt the need to tell her so. But, from her perspective, the jeans were a size bigger, and even though she finally felt normal again- she couldn’t possibly acknowledge that she looked amazing in them.


This brings me to the point that I wanted to share with you today; wearing the right sized clothing for your here and now body is a form of self care.

Girl trying dress in looking in mirror cheerful and happy. Cute beautiful mixed race Asian / Caucasian young woman oin red dress.

If you are wearing clothes that don’t fit- don’t wait until you lose the weight to get new clothes! You need to feel like a real woman in the clothes you have NOW. Because when you are trying to stuff your body into clothes that don’t currently fit, whether they are big or small- it’s going to make you feel bad about yourself every morning. And starting out a day feeling bad about yourself is just going to lead to you viewing the rest of the day’s experiences through a negative lens.

Now let me ask you this:

When you feel like crap about yourself, do you want to eat more food or less???

Bigger isn’t bad, less beautiful, admitting to failure or a declaration of staying the same size forever. It’s acknowledging that you deserve to wear clothes that fit your here and now body that make you feel beautiful, no matter what size they are. If you can afford it, I highly recommend you go get “your colors” done or hire a professional stylist to help you with correct sizing and cuts that look best on your body shape/size.

If you think about it- the size of clothes you wear is relative. Nobody knows that you are wearing a size 12 one week and then a 14 the week later. They will notice, however, that you look A LOT better in your clothes because they actually fit. You will automatically feel more confident because you know you look good. Muffin tops aren’t naturally a shape on your figure- they are created when you try to squeeze into pants that don’t fit correctly.

So many women say that the reason they want to lose weight is because they want to feel confident and dress a certain way. By purchasing clothes that look good on your CURRENT BODY you will look and feel a lot better than you did trying to squeeze into a size that isn’t currently right for you. This is especially true for underwear and jeans. A lot of women I’ve talked to do not wear the correct size underwear. How uncomfortable is that?!

Wouldn’t you rather get a cute lacy black number that fits and makes you feel sexy all day long rather than spending the whole day trying to secretly pick your wedgie?

When I work with clients one of the first things we do is take a self care assessment. So many clients score low on this particular self-care area. Once they go out and get clothes that fit- they start to feel good about themselves again. They feel good from the moment they get dressed and they get out and enjoy their day. They’re not thinking about “how fat” or “how much weight they’ve gained” they are from the moment they wake up because they’re not trying to squeeze into clothes that don’t fit, so they don’t have that reminder each morning.

The more you feel great about yourself, the more you seek out activities, foods and people that make you feel great…and the less you’ll seek out food to cover up or numb those negative emotions.

And there you have it- less emotional eating all because you started wearing clothes that fit.

I hope this helps you take better care of yourself! Let me know how this goes for you.



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