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My Go-To Strategy to Stop Overeating

I’ve been an Emotional Eating Coach for a while now and a question that comes up again and again from my clients is how they can stop eating or stop from over-eating when something tastes really really good. Let me just say- I totally understand this dilemma, I mean, I personally could finish off an… Continue Reading

A ‘Fitting’ Solution for Emotional Eating

A few weeks ago I was chatting with a fellow mommy friend at our kid’s playdate at the library. I casually commented that I loved her jeans. They were really cool, a few small rips in the knee and thigh area and they fit her perfectly- she really looked great! She immediately winked at me… Continue Reading

What Rumi Can Teach Us About Emotional Eating

There’s this 13th Century Persian Poet named Rumi…Maybe you’ve heard of him since he’s one of the most widely read poets in America. But, even if you haven’t heard of him, today will change that because he’s about to blow your Emotional Eating Habits out of the water with a simple poem! He’s that good. Here’s… Continue Reading

That Time I Fell off the Diet and Exercise Wagon…Hard

Did you know that the way you view your body impacts the way you view and interact with the world around you? I know this because I used to allow my scale to dictate how I treated my friends, family and co-workers every single day. My mantra every morning was very similar to the witch’s… Continue Reading

Is Bathing Suit Season Ruining Your Life?

Summer is in full swing here in the US and a lot of us are heading for the beach. I just got back from San Diego last week where “no shoes, no shirt, no problem” is pretty much the city motto. I have never seen so many half-naked bodies in my entire life. And you… Continue Reading

How to Cope After an Episode of Emotional Overeating

I have a confession to make…. Last week, I majorly, totally, emotionally overate. Yep- even Emotional Eating Coaches lose their way now and again…but what I did after the fact is the most important part of this story, so read on to learn how to cope the next time you have an overeating episode… The… Continue Reading

Stop Eating Your Emotions! 5 Steps to End Emotional Eating for Good.

Emotional eating is something that everyone does once in a while. The problem arises when emo-eating becomes a regular occurrence. Many people who frequently emotionally eat usually have a tough time coping with strong, unpleasant emotions that they are currently experiencing. Eating becomes a way for the person to “escape” from the situation because planning… Continue Reading

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