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How to Cope After an Episode of Emotional Overeating

I have a confession to make…. Last week, I majorly, totally, emotionally overate. Yep- even Emotional Eating Coaches lose their way now and again…but what I did after the fact is the most important part of this story, so read on to learn how to cope the next time you have an overeating episode… The… Continue Reading

Stop Eating Your Emotions! 5 Steps to End Emotional Eating for Good.

Emotional eating is something that everyone does once in a while. The problem arises when emo-eating becomes a regular occurrence. Many people who frequently emotionally eat usually have a tough time coping with strong, unpleasant emotions that they are currently experiencing. Eating becomes a way for the person to “escape” from the situation because planning… Continue Reading

The “Take Only One” Experiment

Hello! I hope you are recovering from Halloween and gearing up for Thanksgiving (I seriously can’t freakin’ believe it’s Thanksgiving in two weeks!). Even though we are on to the next holiday already, I’d like to talk a little bit about my Halloween experiment and how you can apply its lesson throughout the rest of the… Continue Reading

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