Client Love

“I have had really bad sweet cravings, I was happy with the decision to work with Maureen because her techniques really helped me. Working with Maureen changed my relationship with food and reduced my cravings. When I do have cravings, I simply think about what Maureen taught me and how I should handle that situation, and the craving is gone.

Maureen’s approach is relaxed and totally different than other coaches I’ve worked with. There was no restriction and none of this ‘don’t eat this, don’t eat that’ nonsense. At first, before working with Maureen I was very skeptical, I didn’t think the techniques that she teaches could work for me. The day after working with Maureen I couldn’t believe how much her advice stuck with me.
I see every meal differently now. I was like ‘Damn, that was amazing’.”

-Melissa, 34


 “OMG, can you believe that my chocolate bar really saw the light of the next day after working with Maureen? Actually, I had my chocolate bar for 5 days after that! This is the longest reported survival of a bar of chocolate in my apartment. I am really proud that I didn’t buy another one! This is not because I am telling myself to stay away from it either. It is because I don’t crave it anymore. If Maureen’s techniques work so well with my hardest craving (chocolate), just imagine how it will effect my eating as a whole. Thank you so much!”

-Kristine, 33


“Working with Maureen was incredibly helpful. It gave me a new way of looking at eating foods that I usually crave! I went to get some ice cream tonight and stopped for a moment, thought about it, and realized it wasn’t really something I wanted and went on with my night without thinking about it again. I really liked the unique perspective Maureen provided, along with the fact that she walked me through the process very simply.

My session with Maureen was so helpful to my cravings. She taught me a new way of eating that helped me see the food I was craving from a perspective of logic instead of an emotional and irrational view. I recommend working with Maureen for anyone who is tired of having uncontrollable cravings or food habits.”

–Stacy, 35

“I started with the Be Yourself Wellness ’21-Day Challenge’ just before the Christmas holidays. I picked up several really good, practical tips that allowed me to enjoy the holiday treats without going overboard. Because of the success I experienced with the challenge, I decided to take the next step to the ‘Undieting’ course which has been very useful and equally beneficial, especially as I put my weight and physical fitness goals in place for the year.

With the help of the ‘Be Yourself Wellness’ courses and Maureen, I finally know I can reach my goals and not feel deprived; building life-long habits that will motivate me to eat healthy and enjoy when I do give myself permission to indulge.”

-Anne Sullivan, 45



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