Done For You Programs for Coaches

Are you sick of spending time and money on creating and desiginig your own coaching programs? Are you suffering from analysis paralysis because you don’t know what’s going to work and what’s not?

Why not skip hours of wasted time and wasted money on programs that haven’t been tested or don’t work and use your time to do what you went to school for- COACH CLIENTS!!

Hi, I’m Maureen. I’ve been an Emotional Eating Coach and Intuitive Eating Counselor for the last 5 years. I’ve wasted so much time trying to figure out what would work with clients and what wouldn’t. What systems work and what don’t. I know that there’s nothing worse than designing a program, hiring a graphic designer to make everything pretty and branded, writing a sales page, writing clever sales emails and spending time and money launching the program only to hear crickets when you hit send.

This is not what Coaching was meant to be! This is not what you signed up for. That’s why I’m here to offer you all my done-for-you programs that have been tested and tweaked to perfection. I have taken my program that has sold over 100 spots and made it into a “done for you” workshop, a course or 1:1 coaching program.

I’ve created the sales emails, sales page copy, social media marketing material and even the bonus recipes! This program is literally DONE, not half-done, all you have to do is put your beautiful branding into it and you’ll be ready to sell!

Whether you’re a weight loss coach, hormone health coach, intuitive eating coach or something completely different, the one thing I’ve learned is that everyone struggles with emotional eating and cravings from time to time. You can use these programs as a valuable addition to your own program or sell the program by itself.

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