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The Easy Way to Shed Weight and Minimize Emotional Eating

A couple weeks ago in my Food Freedom Friday Live FB Video, I talked about the importance of finding your “why” for wanting to lose weight.

The reason this is important is because if you’re holding off on living your life until you reach your weight goal, it will be 110x harder to obtain.

For instance, if your “why” for wanting to shed weight is that you want to start dating again, you need to start living your “why” Because if you hold off dating until you lose those last 20 lbs., you are effectively missing out on life and putting off finding the man of your dreams!

If you’re hoping that your relationship with your husband is going to change simply because you lose weight, you’re going to be disappointed.

And what about that family reunion around this Summer? Sure, you can go on an unsustainable diet and get a few compliments, but what will it do for your confidence if you gain it all back a few weeks after the event?

Let’s look at your why for wanting to shed weight and begin living right now “as if” your end goal has already come to fruition.

Sometimes, the body (particularly our weight) becomes the dumping ground for our deeper more prominent problems because they are harder to solve. It is very easy to say- “Oh I just need to lose 20 lbs, then my husband will be attracted to me again and then we will have more sex and stop fighting” and then go on a crash diet.

On the flip side, it is MUCH harder for someone to say, “My relationship is suffering and my husband and I seem to be growing apart, perhaps we need counseling.”

*If you want a better relationship with your hubby, start talking to him about what that looks like. Maybe you need counseling? Maybe you need to have more intimacy? Maybe you both need to work to put your relationship on the top of your priority list.

*If you want to start dating- the person of your dreams ain’t gonna come along just because you are a few lbs lighter. Do you imagine you’ll look sexy and feminine to your potential mate once you lose the weight? Get into a sexy, feminine state of mind before the date- exercise your flirtation muscles! Put something on that makes you feel beautiful, curl your hair, put on great smelling perfume.

Live life “as if”.

The crazy part is:

When you realize that life’s problems cannot be fixed by fitting into a smaller size pair of jeans, and you start to solve them or live your life (20 lbs and all), you will begin to shed the excess weight naturally because you are meeting your core needs.

You will not feel like eating your emotions because you’ll be less upset, you’ll feel more fulfilled and satisfied with the life you are already living.

It’s a paradox, but it works like a charm.

So, now I want to hear from you- what’s your “why” for wanting to lose weight and what are you doing right now to live “as if” it has already come true?

Leave a comment below! I can’t wait to hear from you!

PS- My “why” for shedding a little weight is to feel energetic enough to keep up with my kids, look good for my husband and feel more confident. I am living “as if” by eating daily fruits & veggies and walking for energy, I have purchased some great outfits for date nights and I’ve started speaking my mind more often amongst friends and colleagues. I can’t wait to hear yours! Leave a comment below- I respond to everybody.

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