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Should You be on a Gluten-Free Diet?

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Today we’re talking gluten-free diets.

So, as you may know, gluten-free is a huge buzzword right now in the dieting industry. Gluten is a protein found in bread products and some grains and can make some people extremely sick when they ingest this substance.

But beyond that, gluten has been another food item that has been demonized and made people (who don’t have an allergy to gluten) feel morally superior or inferior when they consume or abstain from a food containing gluten.

The beauty of Intuitive Eating is that it’s up to YOU to figure out whether gluten is okay or not okay for you to put into your body.

For instance, gluten can make one person so sick that they are vomiting and have diarrhea for days after consuming any food containing it, while another person can feel gassy, bloated or tired after eating that same gluten-filled food. And still another person might feel nothing at all and be totally fine after eating gluten.

So, why on Earth would it make any sense to put all three of these people on a Gluten-Free Diet when only one definitely should be???

The answer is that it doesn’t make any sense at all.

The answer to finding out what works for our bodies is in getting curious about our own “Bio-Individuality”.

This is a concept taught by one of the schools I attended, Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This concept basically states that one person’s food can be another person’s poison. So not all of us can eat the same food or be on the same diet.

Why do you think there’s so many different diets on the market these days? Because not everything works for every single person!

BioIndividuality states that everyone has different genetic makeup, lifestyles, experiences, ages, preferences and cultures.

So allowing someone else to make desicisions for us about what we SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be eating makes no sense.

Instead, you need to get to know your body and the effects different foods have on it. After you start to understand the effects or symptoms of eating the food you choose, YOU get to make the decision whether the food is worth eating or not.

Eating foods that do or do not agree with your body will produce certain symptoms 30 mins to 24 hours after eating them that include (but are not limited to):



*Feelings of well-being






*Abdominal pain

*The urge to binge or eat more

*Joint or muscle pain

*Breakouts or skin irritations


*Sinus Congestion or runny nose

*Itching or flushing of the skin

*Increased energy

But how will you know what foods produce undesirable symptoms in your body? You’ll have to use a journal to write the various symptoms down after a meal and take a little time each week to review them.

My UnDieting Participants use my signature insight journal that I provide with the course to easily spot the foods that are working well in their bodies, and the foods that aren’t working so well…such as gluten-containing foods.

As you start to get more clear on what foods produce what symptoms in your own body, you’ll easily spot negative symptoms without having to document them. By using some kind of a food-symptom journal, you will see patterns begin to emerge with specific foods.

After you’ve documented symptoms for a couple days, you are welcome to eliminate certain foods from your diet for three days to a week and see if your undesirable symptoms fade. Again, the beauty of Intituive Eating is that YOU get to make choices about what you will eat based on how you want to feel.

If there’s cake at a Bday party and you discover that the gluten in cake makes you feel tired after eating it, you can still choose to eat it because you like eating cake and you like being a part of the celebration so a little brain fog doesn’t deter you from enjoying some “play foods”.

In another instance, there might be an office luncheon and there’s cake for someone’s birthday in the lounge but you have to finish a huge project which will require a lot of brain power in the afternoon. You probably won’t take a slice of cake because you’d like to work at maximum capacity for the rest of the afternoon and you know that cake will make you sleepy and brain foggy.

You also know that you can have cake any time you want it, so it doesn’t take on the “forbidden food” phonomenon that it would if you were saying no just because cake isn’t on your current diet.

See the difference?

Eventually, you will start to notice when you feel great after eating and naturally gravitate into a pattern of eating that works best for your body, preferences, and lifestyle.​

So instead of going on some arbitrary diet, try this out and let me know in the comments below how this works for you!

Have a great day!



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