Surround yourself with a strategically guided, supportive community focused on helping you end your emotional eating, binge eating, and other yucky eating habits.

Do you struggle with these annoying issues?

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You've tried all kinds of diets and nothing works.


You're hungry all the time and confused (or scared) about what to eat.


You feel frustrated and anxious when you step on the scale.

With our Strategic, Part Coaching + Part Community Membership You'll Arrive Here:

My clothes are fitting looser, I feel great in my body and I never feel deprived.

My old ‘trigger’ foods that I used to binge on are no longer a problem, I can take ’em or leave ’em. Food is no longer a big deal now.

What I choose to eat has very little effect on how I feel about myself.

I have a completely different approach to food…one that’s healthy and nourishing. Binge eating has become a thing of the past.

I feel light, energetic and motivated all the time.

I know how to manage my stress and anxiety without food. I feel like I’ve finally taken my power back from food.

 Hello, I'm Maureen.

Emotional Eating Coach & Reformed Food Addict.

I'm here to keep you focused on achieving the goals you're setting for yourself inside the Heal Your Relationship Mastermind.



For over half my life I went through a vicious cycle.

I'd go on a diet and blow it every time I felt an uncomfortable emotion.

I would restrict my food each week and then stuff my belly to the brim with every carb laden, coma-inducing food I could get my hands on from Friday to Sunday night.

Without ever knowing why the heck I was doing it!

I could never figure out why I couldn't stick to a diet.

I will take you by the hand and show you proven methods for ending junk food cravings that are sabotaging your healthy eating efforts.

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I will show you exactly what is causing you to emotionally and binge eat.

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You will finally achieve your ideal relationship with food!

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I’ll teach you everything you need to know about finally getting off the diet/binge treadmill!

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REWIRE your brain so you can finally say buh-bye to all of those unwanted automatic eating habits.

How it works:

(What you'll get for as long as you're a member!)


Two group calls a month where you'll get my help with your eating struggles.


Recordings of all Q&A’s and access to the archive to listen to the call replays anytime you'd like.


Deep dive into healthy eating success with fun weekly challenges!


Connect with other members inside our supportive Facebook Group community.


Monthly topics to keep you focused and on track!

Guest Experts

Guest experts joining in via Facebook Live.

Your Membership also includes my signature six-part UnDieting course as your powerful take-action bonus!!

Woot Woot!

It's yours as long as you're a member!


Join the Heal Your Relationship With Food Mastermind NOW!

(That's less than the price of ONE take-out meal a month!)

Check out what our members have to say:


Kim G.

Before I joined the Mastermind, my cravings for junk food were getting out of control and I knew my relationship with food wasn’t healthy. I was eating out of boredom or stress and not even tasting or enjoying the food that I was putting into my mouth!

The combination of the UnDieting Virtual Program that you get with the Mastermind, and the in-person support you get from the Group, was the key in transforming my relationship with food forever- it’s been truly life-changing!

I would recommend this program to those people like me who are “Gungho” for a month on a new diet and then slip back into old eating habits. Diets don’t address the behaviors like this program. These techniques you can take with you anywhere and forever!

There’s nothing being offered like this Mastermind Program- it’s one of a kind.


Kara W.

I joined the Heal Your Relationship with Food Program because I had the desire and need to gain control of my eating habits. I also wanted to learn the why's & how’s to stop these habits. I’m very happy with my decision to join!

I loved the time and effort Maureen spends with this group and how she helps all of us pull through...even on things not food-related, but emotionally, I would have turned to comfort food to help ease the emotional pain had I not had this group to discuss these with.

The challenges posted each Monday were very helpful even when I wasn't able, or couldn’t put in 100% effort and time in them because of my busy schedule, they still enabled me to stop and think before I eat. Which has made all the difference! The challenges have helped me become more mindful before just reacting to my emotions by eating as I had done in the past. They helped me be accountable for my reactions to life's trials.

The most valuable thing I’ve gotten from the Mastermind is knowing that I’m not alone. I'm not the only one struggling with a emotional eating. I have a feeling of belonging somewhere and that feels really great.

Thank you for being you and helping me start to learn how to be the best me I can be and have a healthier relationship with food.

Join the Heal Your Relationship With Food Mastermind NOW!

(That's less than the price of one take-out meal a month!!)

Another one of our Members shared her thoughts on being a part of the Mastermind:



I signed up for the Heal Your Relationship with Food Mastermind because I have done several of Maureen’s programs before and I enjoyed what I learned from her. Her advice and techniques are always in the back of my mind and make me think twice about habitually reaching for food when I’m not hungry.

I thought that was crazy generous of Maureen to include the UnDieting Virtual Program for the low monthly fee that I paid! I think it is a great supplement for the Mastermind Group program and I definitely felt like she was Oprah with her generousity in the group! She constantly pops in with new surprises.

I liked the challenges because they definitely make you think about your eating habits. I also liked that I could have a week to work through them on my own time. 

I am a continuous member to the Mastermind so that I can ingrain all of the lessons I’ve learned in my head and get accountability, because without it, I won’t do it on my own.

I know that I need to commit to this lifestyle to really see improvement, so the Mastermind is perfect to keep going on this positive path.

Join the Heal Your Relationship With Food Mastermind NOW!

(That's less than the price of one take-out meal a month!)

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