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Learning From Cravings

Learning to observe your food cravings is the first step to combating them.

If you’re like me, no matter how hard you try to cut junk food out of your life, there are still a few very specific foods that come around to haunt you, all-the-time. You start off the week with the best intentions to eat healthfully, then, before you even know it, you’re knee deep in queso by Friday (maybe that’s just me).

There are so many reasons one might crave certain foods. I want you to become curious rather than judgmental about the food you eat. Instead of scolding yourself for wanting to eat an entire box of Cheddar Bunnies, become a scientist or a very careful observer of your eating habits and food choices.

Notice the time, season, environment, people, mood, etc. surrounding you when you eat. Taking mental notes when you crave and indulge in certain foods is the best way to understand yourself and your body.

Ask Yourself:

  • Did you eat past the point of satisfaction? If so, why?
  • Were you hungry when you began eating? If not, what need were you trying to fill by eating?
  • What feelings are present as you eat or before you started eating?
  • Is there a pattern with the foods you choose and the feelings you feel?
  • What other forms of nourishment do you need in your life that you are seeking in food?

Let me know in the comments section on the blog what foods you crave and what conclusions you’ve drawn from being more of a curious observer of your cravings rather than judging or scolding yourself for indulging.

I hope this helps you in your journey to health & happiness!

Coach Maureen Witten

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