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The One Thing You Must Have to Stop Emotional Eating

This past Sunday I was watching Oprah’s show, Super Soul Sunday. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend tuning in, she interviews the most interesting people and the takeaways from the interviews are awe-inspiring. I always walk away with a lesson or two that I can apply to my life.

In the particular show I was watching, her interviewee was talking about a concept he called “FLOW”. He explained that when you are in “Flow”, everything is right in your world. You are doing, creating, enjoying or just plain happy about what’s going on. When you are in “Flow” you are connecting with your authentic self.

I got to thinking about “Flow” and how it relates to emotional eating.

I realized that you can’t be in “Flow” when you are emotional eating, overeating or mid-binge.

The two simply don’t go together because you are not connecting with your authentic self when you’re angrily shoving crackers into your mouth because your husband won’t get up from the game to do the dishes you’ve asked him to do 45 times. You are not in “Flow” when you’re eating ice cream out of the tub because you want to numb out those feelings of rejection after being turned down for yet another job. And you’re definitely not in flow when you eat past the point of discomfort because you feel that eating and meal time is the only thing you have to look forward to in your day to day life. You are disconnected with your authentic self.

In fact, emotional eating or binge eating are indicators that you are not in “Flow” and that you need to correct your course ASAP.

So, find your “flow”.

Find out what it takes for you to feel connected, creative, playful, authentic. You don’t wish you were doing anything else at that moment.

What activities, people and places make your soul feel like it is taking a deep, cleansing breath? Unfortunately, not all activities can put you into “Flow”, but the goal is to figure out how you can bring your own “Flow” into as many activities as possible. How can you put your own creative, fun, spin on your life and its various activities? What things can you add to your life that would fill it up and put you in “Flow” more often?

Can you sit down and enjoy the game with your hubby or leave the house and go get a mani pedi so you don’t have to look at the sinkful of dishes anymore? Can you look at new trainings that light you up and make you more qualified for the job you’re going for? Can you start a new class, routine or hobby that makes life fun again so you’re not always looking to food as your only source of pleasure?

You will know that you are in “flow” because you will not feel the least bit like eating mass quantitates of food in that moment. In fact, you probably won’t even be thinking about food at all. Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re like me, and eating delicious food is one of the things that puts you in “Flow”, then do it! But, if you are eating and you are in “Flow”, it’s because you are paying attention to the deliciousness of the meal, the company around you, and/or the ambiance of your surroundings. You are enjoying every minute of the experience. You are definitely not shoving food in by the forkful wondering how you are going to get out of debt.

For me, being in “Flow” is laughing at the silly things my 2-year-old daughter does, eating at my favorite Mexican Restaurant, making my own flower arrangements, leading my clients through an “aha” moment, cooking a healthy meal for my family, playing “Sponge Bob Uno” with my 5-year-old, walking, watching or listening to inspirational people or stories, dancing, learning everything there is to know about my field, singing at the top of my lungs in my car (windows closed of course) to the songs on the radio, “Girls Night Out” with my mommy friends.

So, find your “flow”. Or, find the things that put you in “Flow” and do more of those things. The more you move toward those things, the more you’ll move away from Emotional Eating.

I hope you found this helpful. If so, leave a comment and tell me all about what things put you in your “Flow”.

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