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Is it possible to ever stop doing this???


A few weeks ago, I put out a survey to see what people are struggling with most when it comes to binge/emotional and over eating.

The question I received the most was, “will I ever be able to stop (binge eating, eating my emotions, over eating, obsessing with food, losing control)???


You just need to know these three things about emotional eating:

1. Why you’re doing it.

2. When you’re doing it.

3. The right steps to take during and after you do it.

Simple really.

I’ve stopped eating my emotions and I’ve helped tons of women do the same using those three simple steps as a guide.

As you practice these steps over and over, they’ll become automatic. As they become automatic, you’ll reach for food less and less when you’re not hungry or when you’ve reached that point in the meal when you’ve eaten enough. Your brain will create a natural pathway that will lead you to choose food only when you’re hungry instead of every time you’re bored, lonely or sad.

I’m currently creating an Emotional Eating Masterclass where I’ll tackle all three steps in detail so that you’ll know exactly what to do in order to eliminate emotional eating, binge eating and over eating from your life forever.

More on this exciting new Masterclass soon, but for now, click these words to take the survey and subscribe to my newsletter so that I can make sure that everything you’re struggling with gets addressed in the upcoming Masterclass!

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