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If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that I’m passionate about helping women find their confidence & authentic beauty and achieve their dreams because of it. I’d love to help you do that too! For that reason, I’d like to offer you a FREE Discovery Session to help release the blocks from your subconscious that are keeping you from losing weight and enjoying a normal relationship with food.

In this session, I’ll help you identify what may have caused your weight gain in the first place and share 2-3 specific tips on what’s currently preventing you from losing weight. I’ll also share a very powerful recommendation on how to start the process of mindful eating, so you can kick your toughest cravings and start losing weight right now.

Plus, you’ll get a free hour with me ($250 value) to get crystal clear on what you want to create for your health, your life, and what’s been holding you back from reaching your goals.

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What Clients Say:

“To Be Honest, I was very skeptical when I did this session with Maureen. I was like “oh these techniques are probably not going to work with me”. But the next day, my cravings for chocolate were totally GONE! It isn’t just chocolate either- every meal I eat is a totally different mindset now. Now I’m like, “Damn, that was amazing!”

Melissa, 33

“OMG- can you believe that my bar of chocolate saw the light of the next day after doing my Quickie Coaching Session with Maureen? Actually- I had it for FIVE days after. This is the longest reported survival of a bar of chocolate in my apartment! And it’s not because I’m telling myself to stay away from it. I just don’t crave it anymore. Thank you so much!”

Julie, 36

I’m looking forward to meeting you and revealing the secret scietifically-backed techniques to eliminate your biggest food cravings. Your consultation will be confidential and fun (You get to eat! What else could be better?!) I am here waiting to solve all of your food craving woes! Please click the button below to buy and schedule your session.

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