Raise Emotion-Free Eaters Free Webinar!

“My parents raised me to have a healthy relationship with food!”

~Said No Emotional Eater Ever.

Do you eat for reasons other than hunger?

Hate exercise?

Struggle with binges or frequent over eating?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could raise your own children to have a healthier relationship with food and exercise so that they don’t struggle with eating and exercise as adults like you do?

Hi, I’m Maureen, for 20+ years I struggled with emotional eating, the diet/binge cycle and losing and trying to heal my dysfunctional relationship with food. This is what led me into becoming a Holistic Health Coach, Intuitive Eating Counselor and Emotional Eating Coach. I found that although all my clients were from different backgrounds and faced different challenges in their lives around eating and exercise, one thing remained the same;

Their eating battles were created by how they were raised to think about food and exercise from a very young age.

As a former elementary school teacher and as someone with a Master’s Degree in education, I knew I had to help change the way we are talking to our children about eating, exercise and their body so that we can put a stop to this emotional eating, food struggling epidemic!

That’s why I created this FREE webinar presentation,

Raise Emotion-Free Eaters!

So that your kids can enjoy a happy, healthy relationship with food, exercise and their body as adults.

WHEN: August 10th, 7:00 PM MST

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WHERE: From anywhere in the World on your computer or smart phone

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Here are three amazing things that will happen in less than 45 minutes that don’t happen on webinars that last 3 hours.

1. I will show you EXACTLY how to nurture a healthy relationship with food and exercise in your children aged 1-11 years, so that they learn to eat when they’re hungry and don’t use food to soothe themselves when they’re feeling sad/mad/depressed.

2. How to help them naturally make healthy food choices as adults so that they choose healthy foods even when you’re not around. Including when to make them eat and when to back off at mealtimes so you don’t screw them up! Don’t be surprised when you start getting other parents begging you to tell them what your secret is and saying things like:

“How do you get your son/daughter to eat so healthy?!

I can barely get little Michael to eat anything more than mac n’ cheese!!”

3. I will show you exactly how to model a healthy relationship with food for your children so that when they become an adult they credit YOU with their unique ability to choose healthy food, rarely over-eat and crave exercise instead of donuts.

If this doesn’t get you to jump up and down with excitement, I don’t know what will….


   I know…

Actually getting all of the above for free!

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