Welcome to the Emotional Eating Shop!

The following are Products, Programs, and Services that have helped me in my Emotional Eating Journey and I highly recommend that you check them out as well!

Psychology of Eating

Interested in becoming a psychology coach and changing your relationship with food while also helping others do the same?

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Have you tried so many ways of eating that you could write a book on health and nutrition? Why not get paid to help others eat better? In less than a year you can have your own thriving nutrition business where you can coach others on how to eat, exercise and live better!

Isabel Foxen Duke

Wanna Stop Feeling Crazy-Pants around food? This three-part video series on how to stop binge eating, emotional eating and constantly fighting food will help!

Having Digestive Troubles?

IBS? Tummy won’t stay flat no matter how many sit-ups you do? This tea will help with all of that and more! I use it every day and it keeps my belly flat and my digestive system sooo happy (and regular!) I seriously can’t go a day without having it!

Fill Your Kitchen!

Want to fill your kitchen with clean, organic alternatives to the normal food staples, like hamburger helper and mac n’ cheese that your whole family will love? Then Wildtree will be your new one-stop shop for wholesome, mindful meals! Farm-sourced, organic ingredients are easy to use and taste amazing!!

*Links shown on this page are affiliate links. That means if you decided to purchase something by clicking on one of my links, I'm financially compensated at no additional cost to you. I would never ever recommend anything I haven't tried first or that I don't absolutely love.

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