Finally...Freedom from Emotional Eating in 90-Minutes Flat!

(No willpower required!)

Are you tired of...

Your weight yoyo-ing up and down because you can't stop breaking your diet when you're feeling tired, bored, stressed or angry?

Are you stuck in...

An endless binge/starve cycle because you're numb to everything going on in your life?

Are you sick of...

Feeling like you have little control over your eating habits?

Do you...

Wish you could use food for fuel, rather than a tranquilizer?

Did you know that if you didn't Eat Your Emotions...

These wouldn't even be issues for you!

 Hello, I'm Maureen.

Emotional Eating Coach & Reformed Food Addict.

I'm here to tell you that you too can be FREE from Emotional Eating for good!




For over half my life I went through a vicious cycle.

I'd go on a diet and blow it every time I felt an uncomfortable emotion.

I would restrict my food each week and then stuff my belly to the brim with every carb laden, coma-inducing food I could get my hands on from Friday to Sunday night.

Without ever knowing why the hell I was doing it!

I could never figure out why I couldn't stick to a diet.

Bad Day

Had an awful day at work.

Taco Bell.

Bad Day

Had a really bad date.

Ice cream and wine.

Bad Day

Feeling sad and lonely.

Mexican take-out!

Bad Day

Had a fight with a friend.

Hamburger, fries and a milkshake!

I didn't know it at the time, but I was

a textbook Emotional Eater.

I never got to the root of WHY or HOW I was using food...until I started doing some deep work on myself and with my clients.

It's the reason why I created a course that's going to pull you out of the depths of the Emotional Eating hole you've been digging for years!

A course that'll show you EXACTLY how to Stop Eating Your Emotions and use food for it's sole purpose to nourish your body when you're hungry.

Not to soothe you when you're sad or comfort you when you're lonely.

To give you the peace of mind to know that you no longer need to white-knuckle willpower in order to keep your cool around temptations.

And, the best part!

You'll have the entire system delivered in three easy videos (90 minutes to complete the whole thing!)

That's why it's called the...

Stop Eating Your Emotions Official Crash Course!

(Because you'll be done and on your way to emotion-free eating in the time it takes for you to go for a takeout meal!)

And, the even better part?

You get the whole course for only $59!


That's less than the cost of one family takeout meal.

Get The Stop Eating Your Emotions Crash Course

It's Only $59!

Seriously, I want this in your hands right now.

I don't want the price to be the reason you don't take the opportunity to change your relationship with food! That's why I've decided to offer this life-changing course for you at such an affordable price.

Let's fix those disordered, painful eating habits once and for all.

You get the whole course for only $59!

Check out what Melissa had to say!

"I had really bad sweet cravings and emotionally ate all the time when I was bored or stressed!"

I was happy with the decision to work with Maureen because her techniques really helped me. Working with Maureen changed my relationship with food and reduced my cravings. When I do have cravings, I simply think about what Maureen taught me and how I should handle that situation, and the craving is gone.

Maureen's approach is relaxed and totally different from other coaches I've worked with.

There was no restriction and none of this "don't eat this, don't eat that" nonsense. At first, before working with Maureen I was very skeptical, I didn't think that the techniques that she teaches would work for me. The day after working with Maureen I couldn't believe how much her advice stuck with me.

I see every meal differently now...I was like "DAMN, that was amazing."

You Won't Just Control Your Eating Habits...You'll Cure Them!

Move away from those constant, obsessive thoughts about food so that you can start living a more fulfilling, big life!

Learn the reasons you've been turning to food and the strategies to end these behaviors, forever!

Learn how to tap into your infinite wisdom so that you can bypass your food cravings and get what you truly need!

Just Imagine!

  • Waking up in the morning without those pangs of regret from overeating the night before!
  • Not having to "start again" every Monday.
  • Being able to meet your true needs without eating.
  • Thinking about something other than food every day so that you can create a life you love.
  • Having all your favorite foods in your pantry and forgetting that they're even there!
  • Not feeling like a failure every time you step on the scale!

...And that's just for starters.

How the Stop Eating Your Emotions Crash Course Works

(and, what you'll get!)

Instant Access to Three, Short & Action-Packed Video Lessons.

They are filled to the brim with strategies that will Free you from Emotional and Binge Eating in under two hours if you chose to do them all at once. However, you are free to do them at your own pace whenever you'd like!

They're yours to download and keep for life.

Video Icon

Video #1

How you are using food.

How you are using food. I"ll show you how to identify how you have been using food and the strategies to bring your inner world out into the surface. These strategies have worked for me and hundreds of my former clients.

Video Icon

Video #2

What you really need.

Address your needs without using food and learn this one, simple technique that will apply to every emotional situation you come across.

Video Icon

Video #3

Meet your true needs!

This is the lesson that will combine the two lessons before it, plus allow you to take it a step further by meeting your true needs without food. No dieting necessary!


Custom PDF's

Fully integrate the videos into your life.

These are a must for changing your relationship with food!


Facebook Group

Exclusive Client Only Access

Get free coaching from yours truly and gain support from other like-minded women in the community so that you can make your journey a smooth and lasting transition. This group is great for accountability!

Plus you'll get these mouth-watering bonuses!

Bonus #1

3 Steps to Stop Eating Your Emotions- The Pantry, Purse, and Fridge Printable Cheat Sheet.

Use this cheat sheet to guide you through an intense Emotional Eating moment so that you can stay on track when the cravings hit. It's printable- so you can keep one in your purse and tape one to your pantry or fridge.

Bonus #2

One of A Kind Guide: 3 Unusual Strategies to Keep Emotional Eating at Bay!

This guide is unlike anything you've ever seen- guaranteed! The strategies revealed are counterintuitive and they work like gangbusters- you'll never overeat again.

Bonus #3

The Reason Your Diet Isn't Working (and what does) Playbook!

This playbook is going break down exactly why your weight keeps going up and down and how to break through that wall you keep running into so that you can come to a healthy weight and stay there. This is such an awesome compliment to this course because once you stop eating your emotions, finding a way to eat and exercise that works for your body is the key to long term weight loss and stabilization!

Get The Stop Eating Your Emotions Crash Course

It's only $59!

This is what Therese had to say!

  "I felt like I would never achieve peace with food!"

Before I learned about the concepts Maureen teaches around Emotional Eating, I would binge on all of the foods that I wasn't "supposed" to eat.

I loved the tools and strategies that Maureen gives because they address EVERY situation that comes up in my life and helps me to identify what I am feeling or needing in every moment. I loved the encouragement and personal experiences that Maureen shares because I knew she understood my struggle since she went through the same food and weight struggles that I experienced.

I have learned that dieting never addressed the underlying issues that were causing my binges.

I always felt deprived and frustrated which would make be binge again. Maureen helped me see the areas of my life that I wasn't tending to that were triggering my binges. Specific problems and negative thinking were coming up that would've never surfaced had I not used the tools she gives in her program. I was able to identify my Emotional Eating and Binge Eating patterns and use the strategies she teaches to address and eliminate them all together. My life is after working with Maureen is completely different now.

I am hopeful, happy and confident and my Emotional Eating has completely disappeared!

And not only that, but:

  • Addressing Emotional Eating is not some quick fix (like a diet plan)- it's a long-term solution that you'll use for the rest of your life so that you can keep the extra weight off that you would've put on Eating Your Emotions.
  • The results will yield a happier, healthier version of YOU, so that you won't take the pain and regret caused by Emotional Eating out on the ones you love.
  • You will eliminate 99% of all instances of Emotional Eating when you practice the techniques I teach in this course so that you'll have the skills to combat new Emotional Eating triggers in the future.
  • You can complete this crash course in three short videos (under 90 minutes!) so that you'll start seeing results in less than a couple of days.

Get The Stop Eating Your Emotions Crash Course

It's only $59!

"But there are so many Emotional Eating Resources out there, why should I choose this one?"

Yes, there are a million Emotional Eating resources out there. But only a few teach you how to stop spending most of your day thinking and obsessing about eating.

Only ONE teaches you how to stop Eating Your Emotions painlessly, quickly and effectively…

You don’t have to spend months learning the ropes of emotional eating…

 You don’t have to take up another boring diet only to feel the painful sting of yet another plunge off the wagon.

 You don’t have to get in touch with your inner child, blame your parents or spend $1000’s on a psychiatrist to finally nip Emotional Eating in the bud.

Get The Stop Eating Your Emotions Crash Course

It's only $59!

Let’s do the math:

  • You could buy months (sometimes years) of therapy for $1000's.
  • You could buy a gym membership, a personal trainer and a diet plan for $500+ (which wouldn't even address your real issue- Emotional Eating)
  • You could buy another program for $900+ that drivels on for 12 weeks. And that once you buy it, the coach who created it is nowhere to be found.

OR, You could get the Stop Eating Your Emotions Course, where you'll get:

  • Effective, result-driven techniques that can be completed in less than 2 hours.
  • A private, Client-Only Facebook Group membership where you can get free advice and support from yours truly and other women who are just like you.
  • A life-changing program that costs you the same amount that it would cost you to out get crappy Take-Out Food...twice.

I invite you to search for yourself and you will see- there is no Emotional Eating Course out there offering such an effective, results-driven Program at such an affordable price!

Not to mention- you can do this course and be on your way to stop eating your emotions in less than two hours!

Since this course is delivered right after you purchase it, and you can get to work ending your emotional eating habits immediately, I do not offer refunds. However, if you watch all the videos and complete the action-items assigned- I promise that you WILL, WITHOUT A DOUBT, see a significant decrease in your desire to eat for comfort, stress, boredom, sadness or anger.

At this price- can you really afford not to make a change in your life THIS BIG???

Try it right now for $59!

For the price of one trip to the movies and the amount of time it takes you to watch that movie- you could Eliminate Emotional Eating from your life!

Get The Stop Eating Your Emotions Crash Course

It's only $59!

So, stop wasting your time trying the "behave" around food and start making the kind of monumental changes that will permanently improve your relationships and the quality of your life.

Your course will be instantly delivered to your inbox so that you can begin your journey to change your relationship with food and stop eating your emotions right now!

P.S. Tons of my 1:1 clients have benefitted from the strategies I reveal in this short and effective course. I am so excited to be able to deliver these techniques to you for a fraction of the price that I charge from private coaching. Don't pass on this valuable opportunity to change a behavior that's been haunting you for years!

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