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The Surprising Reason You Eat Your Emotions

About a month ago I was in the grocery store deli waiting for my turn to place an order when I heard the woman in front of me proudly (and loudly) announcing that she was on a brand new low-carb diet.

For twenty minutes she walked around scanning each item in the deli display while the man behind the counter patiently waited for her to make a decision.

“Nope, that meatloaf has ketchup and ketchup has sugar, and sugar is a carbohydrate! And that’s a potato- definitely can’t eat that! Yes, I can have the kale salad, but wait, is that dried fruitin there???”

Now, if you’re sitting there feeling guilty after reading that because you take your meatloaf with ketchup, and dammit, you need to get back on that Paleo diet you were following a year ago, let me ask you this:

Do you think she’s still loudly questioning the deli man and militantly following that same restrictive diet today, (an entire month later)?


Do you think this particular program ended in ketchup-guzzling, dried fruit and potato-laden flames?

My educated and experience-based guess it that it’s the latter.

[que belching noise]

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that some of us have to stay away from particular foods for actual medical reasons. BUT, when you’re dieting simply because it’s something you think you ought to do or because you’re drawn in by the allure of losing 30 pounds in 15 days, you might want to rethink your choices.

Our society is currently stuck in what the authors of Intuitive Eating call, “Diet Mentality”. It’s the state of mind that keeps people (particularly women) perpetually obsessed with weight control and food restriction and it leads us straight into the clutches of emotional & binge eating…every.single.time.

The key to ending emotional and binge eating is to learn how to listen to your body and mind for information about what, when and how you should eat.

So, in short, you don’t have an emotional eating problem, a willpower problem or even a “food trigger” problem.

You have a dieting problem.

And if you don’t learn how to normalize your eating habits and listen to your body for information about what to eat, you will never stop eating your emotions.

Because, it doesn’t matter whether you’re counting points, carbs or calories, you are never going to clearly understand or obey your body’s signals when you’re listening to someone else’s advice on what, when and/or how you should eat.

Just a little food for thought.

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