You’ve tried a million different diets.

You really have.

Atkins. Weight Watchers. Paleo. Low-Cal. Fasting.

…Nothing frickin’ works!

If the weight goes down, it comes back up again and the button on your jeans just flew off!

(And your self-esteem right along with it)

I’ve been there. I know that feeling.

Food should be fun. It should bring joy.

And yet, it’s a constant source of stress, pain and self-loathing.

What if you could get off the diet/binge roller coaster for good?

Did you know that…

Of people that go on a diet will GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK while adding extra fat to their frames (where muscle used to be) within a few years of going on the diet, to begin with. ~ NY Times

Of those 97%, of people who fail on diets …

Gain more weight than they had to lose BEFORE starting the diet! ~ Washington Post

Each time a person loses weight on a diet, their metabolism slows, making losing weight on future diets EXPONENTIALLY harder. ~ Science Medical Examiner

Hi, I’m Maureen.

I’m not a naturally skinny stick figure that’s never had to lose weight. I’ve struggled with this whole emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, binge eating mess. I’ve worked hard to become an Emotional Eating Coach and even pulled myself out of the throws of the diet/binge cycle. I understand just how damn hard this is!

For years, I thought there was something wrong with me because of how excited I would get at the thought of eating.

I knew there was a problem when I would shut the drapes to my apartment so no one would see how much food I was about to eat. Food thoughts ruled my life. I was always on an extremely restrictive diet or eating junk food until I was physically sick. I had no idea how to stop wanted to be thin while being able to eat the foods I loved most.

I thought it was just a matter of finding the *right* diet or solution that I could finally stick to.

But after getting all kinds of “helpful” advice, I was over it.

“All you need is this all-natural cleanse to make up for your holiday binges!”

~Random Health Coach

“Just workout for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

~A**hole Personal Trainer

“My neighbor lost 50 lbs by going Paleo.”

~Naturally Skinny Friend Who’s Never Dieted in Her Life

“You should take this detoxing juice to end your food cravings!”

~Supplement Peddling CoWorker

“You just need more self-discipline!”


All that advice got me nowhere.

All the blood, sweat, and tears… (not to mention the money) I invested on these so-called solutions, didn’t pull me out of my rut.

I felt super deprived or I over indulged and there was nothing in-between.

I was spending all of my time thinking about what I should and shouldn’t eat and turning down social events because the menu didn’t have anything I could eat. I gained and lost the same 20 to 40 pounds over and over again.

The shame and frustration I felt from gaining back the weight after working so hard to lose it was unbearable.

I finally said no more!

It’s time to stop beating yourself up for yet another failure to adhere to a diet!

What if you were surrounded by your favorite foods without stressing out over what you had to eat?

What if you had the time and energy to enjoy the life you’re dreaming about?

Introducing UnDieting

Your solution to your on again off again dieting woes!

Filled with real life tools created especially for Emotional Eaters. It’s about making a shift in your thinking about food that will stick.

 Sounds great, but…

How does UnDieting Work and What do I Get?

The UnDieting program walks you through five core lessons designed to get you the results you’re looking for at your own pace.


Listen to your body and its messages in order to finally stop ignoring what it has been trying to tell you for years!

I’ll teach you how to feel your fullness and hunger fully, so that you can pay attention to your body’s needs instead of watching the clock!

This Module includes:

*A signature electronic journal that will help you identify what physical and psychological symptoms certain foods are causing inside you when you eat them that are unique to you and your body.

*A quiz to help you determine the hidden beliefs you have about food and eating that keep you running back to the pantry time and time again.


Your body knows what it wants- you just need to know how to listen to it.

Learn how to translate the messages that your body is sending so that you can choose foods, eating times, and amounts that will wipe out fatigue, eradicate digestive discomfort, improve mental function and make you feel AHHHHHMAZING.

(HINT: It’s different for everybody- but you will know exactly what those are for you by the end of this Module!)


Do you run to the fridge when you really want a hug?

Are you stress eating donuts at the office? Are cookies taking the place of human connection?

That’s about to STOP!

I break it all down for you in this Module by helping you understand what the 5 main triggers for Emotional eating are and get the secrets for rewiring your brain to block out those triggers in the future.

Included in this Module:

*A step by step guide for what to do after a binge or overeating episode

*A worksheet to deconstruct our thought patterns so that we can rewire our brains to think differently in the future so that we automatically have new behaviors.


You’ve always wanted to be one of those people who wants to eat veggies, right? Well, that’s about to happen. (Don’t worry- there’s no mandatory green sludge in the morning.)

Learn how to effortlessly create perfect health using simple thought modification techniques and never feel deprived again by applying the “All foods fit” and “all exercises don’t” principle.

Included with this Module:

*Find out what your Metabolic Type is by taking the exclusive questionnaire and use the results to custom-tailor a healthy, deprivation-free way of eating for your body type.

*Take the “Exercise Types” test to understand what exercises motivate you and what exercises make you want to infect yourself with the flu just to get out of them so that you can enjoy a healthy, serotonin-filled life.


Enjoying your body is a form of self-care!

It’s all about treating your body in a way that helps it THRIVE. For years we’ve been picking our bodies apart. What needs to be changed about it, what needs to be smaller, what needs to be bigger, what needs to be cut off.

Guess What?

Hating our bodies triggers a low-level stress response. Which triggers stress hormones that trigger fat storage…which make us fatter and leaves us hating our body even more!

So, to put it in simple terms- hating our body= stress response= weight gain

Stop the vicious cycle and get on the BODY LOVE TRAIN!

By using my 4 easy-to-implement techniques, you’ll be in love with your reflection faster than you can say, “I’ll take the thong bikini!”

By learning to appreciate what you’ve got, you put your body in maximum calorie burning capacity and optimize your metabolic rate. Your mental and emotional capacities skyrocket and your life gets exponentially better.

Bonus: You’ll also learn what “Weight Set Point Theory” is and how to use it to positively impact your body size and shape.

Learn the signs that your body is rebelling against you and how to get it back on your side again.

Included in this module:

*The psychological reasons we hate our bodies, how it negatively impacts our biology and the activities for implementing self-acceptance back into our lives.

*A video and activity created by Body Image Expert, Marste McDonald that will help us see ourselves through the lens of self-acceptance…forever!

You’ll also enjoy these delightful UnDieting Bonuses!

  • Access to our private Facebook Group for support so you don’t have to go this alone.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the UnDieting program. Hop in, learn, and go at the pace that’s right for you. Even at midnight in your jammies.
  • Raise Emotion-Free Eaters: A special video lesson on how to raise children with a healthy relationship to food.
  • Deconstruct Your Craving eBook: Stop trying to exercise “willpower” around food by learning the three main types of cravings you have and eliminate them.
  • Retrain Your Brain to Crave Healthy Food Hacks: Utilize the Power of Psychology to Gain Control over your Cravings Effortlessly with these 9 easy strategies.
  • Get to a Healthy Size for your Body: This Guide will give you 15 Safe Ways to Slim Down Without Dieting ASAP.

Results UnDieting participants want to share with you.

Melissa lost 40 pounds UnDieting!

During her time in UnDieting, one of her biggest accomplishments was figuring out what exercise plan and way of eating worked for her! Melissa found a love for horseback riding and she said that not going to the gym and firing her personal trainer totally freaked her out at first, but also made her happy that the pressure she used to feel about going to the gym was finally off her back.

She told me that this was the easiest weight she’d ever lost.

Therese lost 35 pounds UnDieting!

“Salad and chocolate cake are the exact same to me now- there is no distinction, it’s all about what I’m hungry for at the moment.” ~ Therese

Therese’s neighbors, friends, and family tell her how great she looks and she hasn’t been on a single diet or eating plan since UnDieting. She eats whatever she’s in the mood for at every meal without gaining a pound or having a thought of guilt or shame.

When you fix your relationship with food and exercise, fitness comes naturally.

I’m promising you that by fixing your dysfunctional or obsessive behaviors with food and exercise, you’ll transform your life and body. You’ll finally arrive at the healthy weight that you are meant to be at.

If you’re struggling with emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, or constantly feeling guilt and shame around eating, you owe it to yourself to change and disrupt the cycle.

My UnDieting Promises To You

  • Your disordered eating will be tackled by focusing on the WHY behind your eating behaviors instead of worrying about “what” you’re eating.
  • I won’t tell you to “eat whatever you want whenever you want” I’ll show you how to make simple shifts in your thinking about food and exercise while also helping you become the expert of your own body so you see what factors come into play when you eat certain foods. (HINT: It’s different for everyone!)
  • You’ll love eating healthy and you’ll exercise regularly and you’ll never have to worry about becoming a couch potato again!

 You get the entire UnDieting package for $347.

I know I know, this isn’t the kind of money you can just find between your couch cushions, but I assure you the transformation you’ll make inside this program is worth several times the amount.

BUT… just for the sake of argument let’s consider what else you could spend your hard-earned moolah on:

You could…

  • Join a gym for three months and stop going by month three.
  • Hire a dietician to make you a meal plan that you can’t stick to because it’s too complicated to follow.
  • Buy a truckload of chalky protein powder, supplements, and pray to God that it’ll taste good, not!

 You get the entire UnDieting package for $347.

“I was so frustrated with my lack of control around food!”

After taking the program I have felt so much better and confident in my eating choices. I can really apply what I’ve learned and focus more on how my body feels and reacts after eating certain foods. I love that I can go back to the videos too whenever I want to refresh in my mind the concepts that were taught.

This program really focused on my needs, which were overeating and forcing myself into a diet, rules, and restrictions because the last one didn’t work. -Caileigh, 37

-Caileigh, 37

 After UnDieting You Will:

  • Enjoy feeling satisfied and happy after eating instead of bloated and guilt-ridden!
  • Eat what you want and enjoy life without counting a single point, carb, or calorie!
  • Never worry about being so hungry that you’ll have to take Benadryl just to sleep through growling of your stomach at night.
  • Feel your feelings without gaining five pounds in a twinkie binge.


1. Will I lose weight with this program?

Changing your disordered eating and exercise patterns and behaviors can and usually does result in shedding excess weight that was there from years of being stuck in the diet/binge cycle. Weight loss, while not the focus of the program, is one of the many benefits and positive side effects. However, weight loss is not guaranteed on this program because it’s not an empty promise fad diet.

2. What is the time commitment?

You’ll spend 60 minutes or less watching the video lessons and 20 minutes to fill out your PDFs. About two hours a week will get you the most out of the program.

3. Does this program help with anorexia, bulimia or chronic binge eating?

No, this program is not for those people currently suffering from serious eating disorders. If you have an eating disorder, please seek help from a licensed professional who specializes in ED’s.

This program will help people stop habitual overeating, binge eating and general obsessive behaviors around food, eating, and exercise while significantly improving your body image.

4. Can you break up my payments or make a payment plan for me?

Yes, I can. Email me at and I’ll set up a payment plan for you.

5. Is there a money-back guarantee?

There sure is. If you decide that UnDieting isn’t for you during the first week after purchasing, I’ll gladly refund your money in full. After that, it’s yours for life.

6. My question wasn’t answered, what do I do?

Email me at and I’ll reply to you ASAP!

“On the days I was on a strict diet, I would go to bed early just so I could stop thinking about food!”

This course was well worth the investment and time! I am more at peace with myself and relationship to food, I’ve shed a few pounds, and I feel more energetic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Anne, 45

“I realized I didn’t know a thing about listening to my body or Emotional Eating until I took UnDieting.”

After having lost 50 lbs on a pre-packaged diet food program then gaining it ALL back at once, I realized that I hadn’t learned a thing about dealing with real food nor listening to my body. Undieting is teaching me how to have a healthy perspective on food and how tuning into my own body is key to my success.

-Ruth, 40

 You get the entire UnDieting package for $347.

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