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“Ugh, I was so bad today.”  

                                           -Woman who ordered french fries instead of a salad


LADIES! There is a problem with the quote above. A BIG ONE.

Eating what you want does not make you “bad”.

Not sticking to a diet does not make you “weak”.

Ordering dessert does not make you “DOOMED FOR LIFE”.


Look, I get it. You want to lose weight, feel good in your body, and stop obsessing over food, and up until now, you (and everyone else!) believed that diets were the answer.


Well, darling, you’ve been lied to… A LOT. The truth is, diets only work for a teeny tiny percentage of people so chances are, you’re not in it.

Diets restrict us. They don’t teach us how to love our bodies or how to stop eating when we feel full. They don’t heal our pain from years of thinking that our pants size is reflective of our worth. Diets make us feel shitty when we can’t stick with them and give us a false sense of achievement when we follow the rules.


So I say, ditch the diet! Instead, get to know yourself, start to love yourself, and begin to listen to yourself. And then, watch the weight fall off for good.


Eating in a way that feels good for your body doesn’t require counting calories, losing weight doesn’t require starving, and fitting back into your favorite jeans doesn’t mean you have to have 90 “good” days in a row. The same way that eating cake doesn’t mean you’re a cheater, going through the drive through a couple times a year doesn’t give you Diabetes, and

falling off the wagon doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

In fact, falling off the wagon is probably for the best.

It’s time to light that damn wagon on fire! Stop, drop and roll, ladies!

Here’s what we know:

●      Constantly telling yourself that you’re good or bad based on what you eat is NOT OK (you deserve better!)

●      Restriction just makes you want more of what you can’t have (That whole “you want what you can’t have” thing)

●      If you can’t stick to a diet, it’s never going to help you lose weight and keep it off. (That’s why it’s called the diet roller coaster- up and down, up and down)


Your problem is not that you suck, it’s that your mindset is working against you instead of for you.  

Luckily, you can change it.


Who is this opinionated fire-starter?

I’m Maureen Witten, your new best friend (and Emotional Eating Coach).


Listen, I get it. Growing up, all my friends were skinnier than me. When they came over, they got chips at snack time, and I got some low fat, no sodium alternative. Since they were thin, they could eat whatever the wanted. Since my body had some extra curves, I had to be restricted and follow “rules” when I ate. Even though I was given the healthier option out of love (hello, my parents wanted me to be healthy!), I started to believe that I was not good enough as I was.


*Cue emotional eating and body image issues.*


The thing is, so much of how we eat as adults has to do with things we noticed and internalized while growing up! Think about what your parents said about food when you were little, and how many rules you then associated with meal time.


“You have to finish everything on your plate before you can get up from the table.”

“Eat it, don’t waste your food!!”

“Be a good girl and eat your vegetables.”


BE A GOOD GIRL?! Ahhhhhhhhhhh. This stuff is insane, but we don’t even realize it’s happening. As if, if you don’t finish everything on your plate, you’re suddenly BAD?! You didn’t mug someone! You listened to the voice that said you were full.


Fast forward 20 years, and the little girl sitting at that table is now a woman who only knows how to eat according to “the rules,” who obsesses over the cookies in the cabinet, and who goes through the drive-thru and binges in her car.


Is this lady sounding a heck of a lot like you? If you’re nodding yes m’dear, then I have to tell you something:




Your mind is confused, but together, we can set it straight. Regardless of what happened when you were growing up or how many times you’ve hidden in the pantry eating chips late at night, you can make a shift.


You can retrain your mind and become one of those women who just eats what she wants and doesn’t gain a pound.

The first time I really let myself eat anything was when I was pregnant. And yeah, you’re supposed to gain weight while pregnant but 70lbs was a bit … excessive. It was the first time I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted and not stress! And, I liked that freedom. I craved a new way of living where food wasn’t controlling me. I decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and later became a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

I’m so glad (and relieved!) to say, that I now consider myself a “normal” eater. I don’t obsess about what’s in the pantry or give myself a crazy set of rules to follow. I lost the excess weight I gained during my pregnancy and now effortlessly maintain a healthy weight without ever stressing about what I’m eating. Now, I enjoy eating healthy foods and actually WANT to exercise, and it all has to do with how I’ve trained my mind and started to trust in simply being myself.


*You can learn to be an intuitive eater.

*You can learn to trust your body.

*You can learn to lose weight without a crazy diet.

*You can fix your relationship with food and exercise.

I’m here to show you how.

{Let’s get started.}

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